[Grok-dev] SVN Deployment

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Feb 4 08:56:07 EST 2009

Hi there,

Tim Cook wrote:
> The document at
> http://grok.zope.org/documentation/how-to/placing-your-grok-project-under-version-control 
> used to be correct and was very helpful.
> Now with Grok 1.0a2  we have many issues with deploying an application
> via SVN.  There seems to be hard coded paths in many places and I can't
> find a tool or switch on a tool that will fix them.

Thanks for spotting this, Tim!

This looks like a serious issue to me. Many of the configuration files
in etc/ contain hardcoded paths and it looks difficult to (re)generate
them using existing buildout-recipes (which would be the first solution
I would think of).

Generating those files with `grokproject` only (and thus defining
hardcoded paths) looks like a real bug to me.

I _think_ the better way would be to have something like this in

  develop = .
  parts = ... configfiles

  recipe = z3c.recipe.textfile
  path = etc
  zope.conf = site-definition ${buildout:directory}/etc/site.zcml
  site.zcml = <configure />

or similar, so that all those configuration files could be recreated by
different developers with their local environments (paths, most notably)

Unfortunately a buildout-recipe like the one above seems not to exist in
PyPI although it looks quite useful to me. Therefore I started to create
one. It should be available later today. Is there already a recipe we
could use in that case?

Afterwards we might rethink the way, grokproject creates those files.

I filed a bug report for this:


Best regards,


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