[Grok-dev] SVN Deployment

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Feb 4 10:03:47 EST 2009

Hi there,

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Uli Fouquet wrote:

> > 
> > This looks like a serious issue to me. Many of the configuration files
> > in etc/ contain hardcoded paths and it looks difficult to (re)generate
> > them using existing buildout-recipes (which would be the first solution
> > I would think of).
> collective.recipe.template is meant to help with situations like this.
> I use it for exactly this problem.

Great :-) That really looks like what we need. Thanks, Wichert!

Just two things: could you imagine support for passing the content via
in-file text like this or similar::

  recipe = collective.recipe.template
  content = <configure />
  output = /etc/site.zcml

And the other thing: did you ever experience trouble with Windows based
environments? I ask only because of the `stat.S_IMODE` calls in the
recipe and to be sure.

Best regards,


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