[Grok-dev] a nice research project

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Sat Feb 7 22:36:32 EST 2009

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> "If it does a lot of work [...] you might need to understand a lot if  
> it breaks [...]"
> That was the worst crap I have seen in years. Seriously, it's like  
> listening to someone advocating intelligent design over darwinism.
> I've been involved in scalability testing on the .net platform and in  
> my opinion this is just amateurish at best, ignorant at worst.
> That  
> said, all angels of profiling are interesting and beneficial to follow  
> up, but the blog post insinuates that (with some feable reservations)  
> a user can draw interesting conclusions from the comparison. I think  
> not. It is only useful for the framework developers and the post  
> should be targeted at that audience.

Your code is demonstrably broke, son.  Please take this as an opportunity to fix
it instead of shooting the messenger.

- C

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