[Grok-dev] a nice research project

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Sat Feb 7 22:54:56 EST 2009

8 feb 2009 kl. 04.36 skrev Chris McDonough:

> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> "If it does a lot of work [...] you might need to understand a lot if
>> it breaks [...]"
>> That was the worst crap I have seen in years. Seriously, it's like
>> listening to someone advocating intelligent design over darwinism.
>> I've been involved in scalability testing on the .net platform and in
>> my opinion this is just amateurish at best, ignorant at worst.
>> That
>> said, all angels of profiling are interesting and beneficial to  
>> follow
>> up, but the blog post insinuates that (with some feable reservations)
>> a user can draw interesting conclusions from the comparison. I think
>> not. It is only useful for the framework developers and the post
>> should be targeted at that audience.
> Your code is demonstrably broke, son.  Please take this as an  
> opportunity to fix
> it instead of shooting the messenger.
> - C

It is not my code, so don't shoot the messenger :(

This is seriously the kind of FUD you would expect from Microsoft  
(.NET Petshop anyone...). As I clearly pointed out, I am not saying  
that the comparison per se is bad. It is your insinuation in the blog  
post that is. And this reply is even worse. With great power comes  
great responsibility, with benchmarks comes even more...

mvh Sebastian

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