[Grok-dev] 1.0 status and post-1.0 developments

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Feb 11 13:28:30 EST 2009

Hi there,

I think we have two major projects that we need to dust to settle on 
before we can go 1.0. I think both projects are involved enough to 
warrant another 1.0a release as well:

* during the recent sprint JW and I worked on updating Martian to 
understand inheritance better. We got quite far but we have still some 
ways to go in finishing it and updating existing grokcore.* packages to 
work with it. This will then help us solve the view inheritance problem

* Uli and Michael are working on improving the paster setup story with 
grokcore.setup. What's the status on this?

In the Zope world there's quite a bit cooking that should make it into a 
post 1.0 release, say, 1.1:

* at the sprint we did a significant dependency refactoring so that Zope 
framework packages depend on each other in cleaner ways. This should 
make Grok itself easier to understand. This work isn't done yet, but it 
is progressing and we should try to move our grokcore.* stuff over to it 
as soon as possible, and then Grok itself. Hopefully we'll be able to 
use a Zope framework 3.5 KGS (at least in alpha-mode) to base our 
version list on.

* Shane Hathaway started work on refactoring the Zope framework 
publisher to make it easier to understand and introduce WSGI concepts in 
its implementation. This work is in early stages but if it pans out I'd 
like Grok to be an early adopter. In his sandbox I saw him working on a 
bunch of wsgi-related ZCML directives, which we should consider 
grokkifying as soon as they stabilize. :) A cleaner publishing process 
would hopefully make Grok easier to understand.

* I'd also like to integrate the hurry.resource resource discovery 
framework into Grok around this time. It already works with Grok but 
there are some ways to make it nicer, and I think it'd be fine to have 
it installed out of the box.



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