[Grok-dev] Grok 1.0a1 under Apache+mod_wsgi

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Sun Feb 15 10:05:33 EST 2009

Hi Santiago,

Santiago Videla wrote:

> I write to know if anyone has running the latest Grok with wsgi +
> mod_wsgi + apache.
> I saw the tutorial in grok.zope.org [1] but it use repoze.grok. I
> guess that it's no longer needed with the latest grok release. am I
> right?

Right -- as you already discovered yourself :-)

>  In fact, I have it running without repoze.grok, but I'm not sure to
> have a "nice / safe" configuration. I used some of the hints in the
> tutorial, in a new Grok1.0a1 installation instead of repoze.grok

After your posting I tried it myself and all I needed was a very simple
specialized runner-script and an apache config file similar to the one
in the HOWTO. The `deploy.ini` worked out of the box. Looks like
`grokproject` already brings most of the stuff you need to do a grok
+apache+mod_wsgi setup :-)

> If somebody already did this, I will appreciate any quick&dirty
> tutorial. Otherwise, I will try to write it and send it to the list
> (based on the existing tutorial, I guess).

There is no such document yet AFAIK. So if you would like to write one,
this would be great :-)

Using grok with Apache/mod-wsgi might be (or become) a common usecase.
Therefore I (as a WSGI-illiterate person) wonder, whether we should
support generated sample apache configs and a working
wsgi-application-creator script with `grokproject`.

This would basically mean one more template in the etc/ directory and
one more script in bin/, maybe called myapp.wsgi or similar.

Alternatively this could be done by an additional recipe.

Could that be useful? Or would that only complicate things further?

Best regards,


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