[Grok-dev] How do I add Python 2.6 support to Grok?

Alec Munro alecmunro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 15:19:18 EST 2009

Hi List,

As I have repeatedly mentioned, Grok doesn't work on Python 2.6, at
least on Windows. I've filed bugs, complained here in various threads,
yet there appears to be no progress, or even mockery of my

The timing of this is getting to be increasingly critical, as I'm
weeks away from deploying this to 3 or 4 additional sites, and it's
going to leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth if they have to go
through what I did to get Grok installed.

I suppose it's my own naivete, expecting that I could start
development, and that the horribly broken installation process would
be fixed in the mean time.

But it remains supremely frustrating.


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