[Grok-dev] My first application 'full Grok' (not in Zope 2)

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Feb 20 09:15:44 EST 2009


Sylvain Viollon wrote:
>    It was bad actually.

Thanks for reporting the bad news!

It looks like you were hit by two things which Michael is pointing out. 
I have no idea why deploy.ini should change the login URL, and I think 
this is bad. The other one is that you discovered that evidently XMLRPC 
is broken in combination with the new WSGI stuff. That's definitely a 
critical bug!

We should come up with a plan to actually catch bugs like this. It looks 
like we should investigate two things:

* we should make our automated browser tests run against a WSGI-style 
environment too. This would hopefully allow us to catch the /login.html 
problem, and perhaps the XMLRPC problem.

* I think our XMLRPC tests might be too low level to catch the bug 
nonetheless; I'm not sure. Anyway, if so, we should add a WSGI + XMLRPC 

Anyway, instead of waiting for Michael to create them, I've created two 
new bug reports:



People who know that bugs have been discovered should really get into 
the habit of immediately adding bugs to launchpad when they reply on the 
mailing list. It isn't a lot of work and this way we won't forget about 
important problems.



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