[Grok-dev] Grok and eggs

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Fri Feb 20 14:30:30 EST 2009

Kim Luong wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Kim Luong wrote:
>>> Asked in #grok without an answer:
>>> When easy_installing grok 1.0a1, I get 
>>> zope.app.container-3.7.1-py2.4.egg in my site-packages, despite the fact 
>>> that versions.cfg specifies zope.app.container = 3.5.6. I know that 
>>> buildout is orthogonal to easy_install,
>> The proper way to install Grok is to use grokproject, which sets up the 
>> buildout for you. We're not supporting easy_install-ing grok at the 
>> moment - it'd need to do a lot of setup to work and buildout does that 
>> for us with recipes. Why are you trying to install grok with easy_install?
> [snip a very good discussion of why grok requires grokproject]
> The issue is this. We have an existing paste serve application. We want 
> to incorporate a dynamic grok app into it. We thought we could do this 
> by creating a grok app with grokproject and then packaging it as an egg 
> and using it from the existing paste serve app. But what you've said 
> means this is not possible.
> The only alternative we see is to access the grok app using the paste 
> proxy code, treating it like it is similar to php instead of capable of 
> full integration with pre-existing wsgi apps. This is disappointing but 
> doable. But I think it is important to note that, despite some level of 
> paster support, the way grok works with grokproject makes it not the 
> fully mix-and-match experience that we have come to expect from native 
> wsgi components.
> If there is another suitable alternative, please let us know.

Hey. We just had another thought about this. We can manually pin the egg 
versions in our setup.py. The part for grok, however, is that it would 
be nice if grokproject could optionally generate a setup.py with 
versions pinned appropiately for packaging a project as an egg. That way 
it's easy for others with needs like ours to do what is necessary to 
incorporate a new grok project into an existing wsgi app. This seems to 
go well with the current initiative of moving the paster integration 
code (startup.py, etc) into an egg and out of grokproject templates.


Derek and Kim

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