[Grok-dev] Container not re/indexed when added?

Lukas Zdych lukas.zdych at dms4u.cz
Sun Feb 22 18:16:54 EST 2009



I have two content types one based on grok.Container and one based on 
grok.Model, registered IIntIds and ICatalog local utilities.


When I add new instance of grok.Model based content type the 
grok.ObjectAddedEvent is fired which registeres object in the IIntId 
utility and indexes the content in the ICatalog.

If I do the same with the grok.Container based content type the same 
scenerio happens but the object is not indexed in the ICatalog utility 
(resp. its indexes). Then if I go to the ZMI and reindex whole catalog 
at "advanced" tab the grok.Container based content type gets indexed 

Is there something what I'm missing/do wrong? .. any ideas appriciated :(

Best Regards


Lukas Zdych

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