[Grok-dev] Changes to a template

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Feb 23 20:04:45 EST 2009

Brian Wolf wrote:
> What changes require a server restart?
> - page template?

Shouldn't need a restart. If you can confirm it doesn't work now, that's 
a bug!

> - class definition?

Definitely a restart.

> - macro?

Currently requires a restart. JW believes long ago that wasn't the case, 
so that'd be an interesting bug hunting exercise for someone perhaps. :)

> Changing HTML in a page template seems to require a restart to see the 
> change.

Besides macros, changes in page templates shouldn't require a restart. 
You indicate you're using bin/zopectl fg to start up your project, so is 
your project on Grok 0.14.1? I haven't noticed this behavior myself on 

Volunteers are welcome to do a quick test. If it doesn't work anymore 
(in 0.14.1 or 1.0a1), please report the bug on launchpad. I consider 
that a critical 1.0a1 bug.

If it doesn't work for paster and etc/deploy.ini I consider we have at 
least a documentation bug!



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