[Grok-dev] megrok.chameleon template engine

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Feb 24 11:44:17 EST 2009

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> Looks interesting.

Glad to hear that :-)

> The automatic reloading of page templates isn't  
> working either so that won't be a huge loss.

When using macros, right? Without macros reloading of regular ZPTs works

>  My only concern would be  
> if Chameleon will be a first class citizen with Grok. It would be  
> great to know what level of commitment one can expect regarding  
> support of these alternative templating solutions.

Well, I think that depends on all of us :-) If we work on it, use it and
complain often enough, then it can become a real first-class citizen
with Grok (I wouldn't be sad, if that would happen). I am willing to
continue the work on it and it would be nice if others would join. Also
testing, documenting and finding bugs is a commitment in that respect.

For the Chameleon core-engine I personally see a bright future: it is
used by repoze.bfg, z3c.pt, some Django packages and other projects. It
is actively maintained by competent guys (Malthe Borch and Daniel Nouri)
and fast like hell. So no worries here.

Furthermore it is possible to do more than already provided with
`megrok.chameleon`, XSS-templates for example.

The amount of feedback here on the list (for a quick'n'dirty ad-hoc
implementation) is at least a sign of interest. So my guess is that
commitment level won't be bad, also in future.

But that's only a guess.

Best regards,


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