[Grok-dev] grokproject 1.0a2 released!

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Mon Jan 12 11:34:48 EST 2009

The Grok team is happy to announce the release of grokproject

Grokproject is a tool that sets up a Grok project directory,
installs Zope 3 and grok (from now on: the Grok version of your
choice :-) and creates a runnable Grok application including tests.

This is another step on the way to the release of Grok 1.0!

It contains one bugfix and two new options::

  - ``--version``

    Displays the grokproject version installed.

  - ``--grokversion=GROKVERSION``

    Installs the grok version denoted by GROKVERSION. If this option
    is not given, the latest Grok version is used. Example::

      $ grokproject --grokversion=0.14.1 Sample


      $ paster create -t grok Sample grokversion=0.14.1

    whatever you prefer.

Other options can be used as usual.

See http://pypi.python.org/pypi/grokproject/1.0a2 for a complete list
of changes and installation instructions.

This version fixes a bug that prevented creation of projects with upper
case letters in the name.

To update your `grokproject` version do::

  $ easy_install -U grokproject

Note: Updating ``grokproject`` means not updating already created

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