[Grok-dev] Initializing an app and module structure

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Jan 20 08:42:55 EST 2009

Jeroen Michiel wrote:
> I also thought about giving the containers their own module, but I feared it
> would 'clutter' my project with lots of small files, but then again, I got
> that with my c++ projects too, so what's the problem...

It's certainly an area that can be debated. If you use explicit 
directives throughout your codebase you can place everything in a single 
file or partition is any way you like. It's just if you like 
module-level directives or the defaults that this pattern is encouraged 
by the system.

> I'm really starting to like Grok, once you know where to look for info.

That's good to hear!

> That's a department where Grok is still lacking a bit in my experience: the
> docs on Grok itself are good, but as soon as you need something from Zope
> itself, I'm having trouble finding the right info: for some things the PyPI
> is good, other packages seem better explained in the Zope 3 API docs (or
> that is at least my impression). I think it would be a good idea to at least
> give the users some pointers to where they can find extra info about
> non-Grok-specific things. 

I agree definitely with this. Unfortunately since I'm fairly familiar 
with Zope 3 I am probably not the right person to produce these 
pointers. If you can give some links (and descriptions on them) then we 
can see about integrating them into the site (or the reference, 
tutorial, developer's notes, etc).

> I ordered Philipp von Weitershausen's book, but
> haven't received it, yet, so I hope this will be of great help, though it's
> on Zope3 itself.

It should definitely be of use!

Thanks for sticking with it and your feedback, we appreciate it.



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