[Grok-dev] Question about using the grok.name('index')

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Thu Jan 29 03:07:49 EST 2009


> In the Grok tutorial, the last example shows how to use grok directive to
> explicitly connect to model, and associate a view as the index view. While
> playing with the example code, I'm wondering how can I access the object
> through the url if I don't use grok.name('index'),
> class EntryIndex(grok.View):
>     grok.context(Entry)
>     grok.name('index')
> ....
> by removing the grok.name('index'), I know I'm supposed to use url such as
> /entryindex to access the Entry, but I can't work it out. 

you have a grok.context(Entry). So I think your url is


hth chrisitan

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