[Grok-dev] Is the Grok Tutorial completed?

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Fri Jan 30 05:20:21 EST 2009

on 30-1-2009 1:35 geoHUZ wrote:
> I just finished reading of Grok Tutorial, so far so good. I noticed there are
> several places with lines like "This will be discussed in a later section.
> XXX",  so I presume it's not a complete tutorial. I'm quite a newbie to Grok
> (with experience in Python and Plone with some basic - medium skills) and I
> really want to know what are the steps I'm supposed to follow? I'm now
> starting to read Developer's Notes which gives me more detail information on
> concepts and the big view of Grok. I'm planning to use Grok to build a web
> application which is NOT such a "content management" type system, instead,


I also just finished reading the tutorial, and made noted down some 
suggestions on improving it. If you have some notes also about missing 
items or other issues with the tutorial, could you send them to me? Then 
I can collect and discuss them with the maintainers of the document.



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