[Grok-dev] 1.01a install trouble on Windows Vista

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Fri Jan 30 08:22:06 EST 2009

on 30-1-2009 14:03 Uli Fouquet wrote:
> Hi there,
> Roger Erens wrote:
>> Thanks to Trent Nelson, probably soon the grok-dev team may have direct 
>> access to various MS Windows OSes to see the issues for itself; see the 
>> announcement of snakebite.org:
>> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-committers/2009-January/000331.html
> Thanks for this link, Roger! I think we should really make use of this
> generous offer and this way improve support for Windows.
> Are there any other possibilities to test Grok installs / Tutorial
> examples on a Windows machine?

If you run a company, why don't you sign up to HP Developer & Solutions 
Partner Program, and then apply for a Partner Virtualization Program. If 
accepted, you can have access (for some limited period, maybe 
extensible, dunno) to all kinds of OSes, amongst which MS Windows Server 


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