[Grok-dev] Copying a grok installation to another machine

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Sep 7 03:29:41 EDT 2009

The best way is to version control your project:


and then:

1) create a grokproject with the same app_name on the demo machine
2) checkout your code
3) possibly update buildout.cfg
4) run bin/buildout
5) copy parts/data/data.fs to the demo machine
6) bin/zopectl fg
    (to run in foreground mode, so you get the error messages in the  

This is also what you would do to deploy your app. Note that any eggs  
that you need have to be installed on the demo machine so you will  
need an internet connection or other means of provising the eggs.

Mvh Sebastian

On 7 sep 2009, at 01.30, Milind Khadilkar wrote:

> Hi,
> What is the easy (and clean) method to copy a grok istallation from  
> one machine to another machine (same platform: x86+Windows XP SP2,  
> same python version: 2.5.4, and the same python path: c:\python254).
> Reason for wishing to copy: Need to demonstrate Grok basics to a  
> bunch of non-python developers. Time available not sufficient to  
> install from the internet. I have an earlier working installatio on  
> one machine.
> Thanks and regards
> Milind Khadilkar
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