[Grok-dev] concerns about grokcore.component.provides

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Sep 9 11:35:41 EDT 2009


Gary Poster wrote:
> That said, it works well for classes, but less so for functions, for  
> which the adaptation might be looking up an already-existing object  
> (this has existed, though I forget where).  Leo's idea, from a  
> following email, is better suited to a theoretical use of adapters, as  
> they are used now.  I prefer "creates" but then that's because I have  
> an agenda. :-)

I like 'creates' better too (also better than adapts_to, which I came up 
with in my last post).

Including functions into the discussion was very useful (thanks Leo for 
bringing this up). I think however having a look at class decorators in 
a future version of Martian might be a more fruitful direction there (as 
I indicated at the end of my last post).



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