[Grok-dev] maintenance branches for grokcore.* packages

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Sep 18 09:50:01 EDT 2009

Hi everybody,

This year at the Neanderthal II sprint we've finally gotten around to 
upgrade grokcore.component to use Martian 0.12 and the new inheritance 
structure. We are still making tweaks to this to clearly document how 
the inheritance rules work, but it's reasonably solid.

grokcore.security was updated to use this version of grokcore.component. 
This didn't actually entail any changes.

grokcore.view was updated so the tests run with the new 
grokcore.component and Martian 0.12. We have a lot more plans for 
changing how grokcore.view works - the way templates are registered, and 
the details of how inheritance of grok.template and grok.templatedir 
work (in combination with the default behavior). This isn't done yet.

This means that if you rely on a stable version of these grokcore 
packages and need to make bug fixes you may want to go for a maintenance 
branch. We've created the following maintenance branches for Grok 1.0 
related bugfixes:






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