[Grok-dev] using zope.testbrowser to test for Unauthorized exceptions and updated zope.publisher with IReRaise exception support

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Mon Sep 21 10:35:48 EDT 2009

Hi JW,

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> > A couple of thoughts:
> > 
> > * This should be part of the upgrade notes.

> > * The IReRaise adapter is now registered in the configure.zcml of Grok.
> > 
> > I wonder if it instead shouldn't be registered in the wsgi-specific 
> > grokcore.startup.startup.application_factory. Maybe even only for the 
> > cases where we want to debug. In all other cases then (during testing, 
> > non-wsgi deployment, using the deploy.ini profile for paste serve), the 
> > error raising works as expected.
> Following this line of thought:
> This could be implemented by having a something like a 
> "debug_application_factory()" function in grokcore.startup that would 
> just after setting up the application register the IReRaise adapter for 
> Unauthorized.
> I can even imagine actually configuring what exceptions not to reraise 
> from the debug.ini file somehow, to make this more readable/findable.
> Again, this would make all other deployments and testing situations 
> behave "normally" and only when using the exception middleware do 
> something different. I'd prefer that, now that I'm working with it.

In general I'd agree, especially about the
'set-handled-exceptions-in-the-ini-file' point. It would really be nice
to be able to set these stuff in an .ini file. But three things come to
my mind:

* what you call "normally" here, is only the behaviour of the publisher 
  for the last years. Changing behaviour only to protect people from 
  setting up their tests differently is not a really strong argument to 
  me, although I can really understand the trouble.

* I am undecided about having two different behaviours for grok when 
  used in a WSGI-based debugger pipeline or not. Could that confuse 
  developers in any way?

* There are ongoing thoughts about changing the general way of marking 
  the exceptions you want to "keep inside". See


  I'd support the suggestions made there but this would mean that we 
  had to change our IReRaiseException registration anyway (at least, 
  probably, when it comes to a ZTK-KGS compatibility redesign of grok). 
  So maybe we should wait until this zope.publisher change (which is 
  likely to come) arrived? 

  On the other hand: if we reintroduce the former default behaviour for 
  non-WSGI-debugger environments for 1.0 we are less likely to have 
  additional upgrade troubles afterwards, when IPublisherExceptionInfo 
  is part of the zope.publisher we use.

Overall +0.5 for the change.

Best regards,


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