[Grok-dev] OT: http response code 103

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 04:45:57 EDT 2009

from the "i'm going slightly mad"-department

One of our Grok-based apps is running behind an Apache frontend, where 
Apache is instructed to cache the repsonses (I know, I know, I should 
really be using nginx and varnish etc. etc. :) ).

Everything is running fine, except for one thing: occasionally we see a 
HTTP status code of 103 in the Apache access log files.

I have never heard of a status 103... Googling does not really lead to 
anything useful either. I couldn't find anything related to status codes 
and "103" when grepping through Zope's sources nor in Apache's sources 
(2.2.13). It seems not related to one particular user agent nor referer. 
It does happen for resources and for "normal" views. I'm stumped...

Anyone ever saw a status code 103 ??

Thanks for listening :-)


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