[Grok-dev] A case of a mysteriously stalling grok.Container

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Sep 23 09:55:38 EDT 2009

I am not getting any errors and I am having difficulties narrowing  
down the problem but...

In a view, I am doing a simple:

   self.context['a_container']['myId_x'] ≈ an_object

then I delete the object

   del self.context['a_container']['myId_x']

next time I try to assign the same object with the same id

   self.context['a_container']['myId_x'] ≈ an_object

The application stalls without any error message. It requires a restart.

I apologies for the vague description of the error, but has anyone  
experienced anything similar?

Mvh Sebastian

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