[Grok-dev] Grok Application and content initialization

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 10:53:17 EDT 2009

Hello Grokkers !

As i'm currently pushing my troll hands deep into grokui's guts, a
couple of issues I wanted to fix now require some attention. The most
annoying one is about the init of a Grok Application. I'll try to
summarize the problem :

Currently, when one adds a Grok Application, indexes and local
utilities are created using an event subscriber plugged on
IObjectAddedEvent. However, if one wants to add any content inside the
Application during the creation process, there is a very high
probability that he will use the same event (the only useable and
reliable one) and his event subscriber has a very high probability to
be fired BEFORE the indexes and the local utilities ones. It means
that the content created by his subscriber won't be cataloged, nor
added to the IntIds utility, etc...

This situation is very annoying, since the creation of content as the
site creation is a fairly common usecase (yes... one of mine, you've
got it). I propose the creation of a new event we could call
ApplicationInitializedEvent, for instance, and that would be fired
AFTER the ObjectCreatedEvent. This would permit a more flexible
handling of the different application statuses => instanciated,
persisted, ready to be used. Obviously, this can't be plugged in
grokui.base, it belongs to Grok itself. What do you guys think ?

- Souheil 'Trollfot'

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