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Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Feb 2 05:50:52 EST 2010

If the request fails all changes should revert. How are you  
interfacing MySQL? If you are doing this through your own code, that  
could explain why db-writes don't honor the transaction rollback.

Mvh Sebastian

2 feb 2010 kl. 00.47 skrev grok-dev-owner at zope.org:

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>    Subject: Transactions and competing writes/reads warnings
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> Från: Mike Bell <mdb036 at googlemail.com>
> Datum: ti 2 feb 2010 00.47.15 GMT+01:00
> Till: grok-dev at zope.org
> Ämne: Transactions and competing writes/reads warnings
> Hi,
> I'm new to grok and zope, but learning fast - it looks like a neat  
> environment for putting together apps quickly and fairly cleanly  
> (compared to php & mysql, which I've been using up til now).  I've  
> created an app (it's going to be a facebook game) that seems to  
> generally be working fairly well, but today I hit this warning from  
> zope:
> 2010-02-01T13:35:01 WARNING ZopePublication Competing writes/reads  
> at /iridium/galaxy: database conflict error (oid 0x1446, class  
> iridium.player.Player)
> After this it appears that some but not all of the changes made by a  
> single request have been committed to Zope, leaving an object in an  
> inconsistent state.  It looks like the inconsistent object was  
> created during the request that failed due to the warning, but a  
> modification made to that object during processing that same request  
> was not committed to the database.
> My understanding was that all changes made in a single HTTP request  
> are committed as a single transaction, but that doesn't seem to have  
> worked here.  Do conflicts like this need to be handled in a special  
> way - if so, how do I catch them?  I can't seem to find any details  
> about how grok uses transactions in the documentation.
> Any hints would be much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Mike
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