[Grok-dev] Call for participation as editor in the Grok > Documentation group

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Feb 12 08:36:28 EST 2010

Hi there,

Kathy Manwaring wrote:

> I will (tentatively) add myself to this list. Simply for the reason that I
> am a very baby Grok developer and so am using the Tutorials particularly.
> So it would probably be easier if I could jump in and change things that
> are incorrect myself, rather than hassling others to do so... 

I think that's a very good idea. We *need* the perspective to people new 
to Grok, so we can improve its documentation and Grok itself. And if 
something seems particularly odd to you, please do tell us here on this 
mailing list. Either we'll explain why we think it isn't odd, or we'll 
go: oh, yeah, it *is* odd and perhaps we'll be able to do something 
about it.

> Like the
> fact that the documentation includes a neat feature on grok.View called
> flash which sends a quick message - except that when you did deeper it
> needs z3c.flashmessage (which, admittedly, is part of the Grok setup), but
> it needs some clarification - somehow - for confused newbies like me...

Yes, I think it might be helpful to have a simpler API in Grok itself 
for getting the flash messages back again, and setting them up, and so on.

> Let me know if anyone thinks this is not appropriate - I won't take offence.

I think we all really appreciate this, actually. :)



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