[Grok-dev] adding ZPL.txt to the various grokcore.* libraries

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Mon Feb 15 03:31:14 EST 2010

Hi Uli,


> No need to do so, I am glad you don't mind! Normally I wouldn't change a
> license this way, but I was pretty sure here, that it happended
> accidentally one time (and then one package layout was copied from
> another and the little error propagated). Thanks for your understanding.
> @Christian (Klinger): is the ZPL switch for you okay too?

yes of course it's ok thanks for doing the work. The reason why i have 
this GPL licenese in it is because i use the ZopeSkel paster templates
for boostrapping my packages. In there is GPL is default. So i never 
changed this...


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