[Grok-dev] Getting started with developing Grok

Simon Jagoe simon.jagoe at pragmagility.com
Mon Feb 15 12:33:55 EST 2010

Hi Paul,

I do have rights to the SVN repository and I have a checkout of all 
grok* packages. I'll simply start looking through them (I have 
started with grokcore.component) in an effort to understand grok.


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Hi Simon,

On 15 February 2010 17:22, Simon Jagoe <simon.jagoe at pragmagility.com> wrote:
> Paul, You mentioned a lot of work to clean up grokcore.* tests. Any suggestion on a good place to start? I'll start having a poke at random anyway.

Just hold tight until I get to write a tutorial on what needs changing
and how we need to progress with the changes. I've had zero time over
the last few weeks, but tomorrow night I'm free to sit down and write

Do you have access rights to the SVN repo yet?


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