[Grok-dev] Pending removal of KSS-howtos, will they be missed?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Feb 17 05:39:45 EST 2010

I think your suggested deprecation policy is reasonable. But, what put  
me off with zope.org was that all the deprecated documentation comes  
up in search results. I hated zope.org for that, we would risk having  
the same situation. Granted, your policy at least promises that the  
documents work, but will they risk "spamming" search results?

Mvh Sebastian

17 feb 2010 kl. 10.57 skrev Uli Fouquet:

> Instead of simply kicking working howtos for deprecated
> techniques/technologies I'd opt for the following policy:
>  for doc in all_docs:
>    (works, deprecated) = review(doc)
>    if deprecated and works: # deprecated != not_widely_used
>      add_fat_big_warning(
>        'This one is deprecated use <link-to-replacement> instead')
>    elif deprecated and not works:
>      maybe_archive_somewhere(doc)
>      del(doc)
>      continue
>    elif not works:
>      maybe_fix(related_source_code)
>      fix(doc)
>    mark_uptodate(doc)

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