[Grok-dev] Pending removal of KSS-howtos, will they be missed?

Vladislav Vorobiev mymir.org at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 16 18:01:34 EST 2010

> Perhaps the best question is: how do you like KSS in actual practice?
> What are you using it for?

I read the list but don't use grok this time. I using kss in *all* my
ajax projects with zope (2) since two years. I find kss is a great
technilogy.  Kss is in development, last release 1.4.9 is still one
month old. Kss use jquery and can use prototype ect. As a plugin you
can add functionality what ever you want.
Sebastian, why do you mean that kss is deprecated technology?

ps: my english is not a best, sorry for them.

Best regards

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