[Grok-dev] Errors with the current dependencies??

Steve Schmechel steveschmechel at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 17:14:08 EST 2010


Running your procedure with Python 2.6 on Windows XP, I get the same
error as with Python 2.6 on Ubuntu 9.10:


Getting distribution for 'transaction==1.0.0'.
Got transaction 1.0.0.
Getting distribution for 'zope.server==3.6.1'.
Got zope.server 3.6.1.
Getting distribution for 'zope.app.debug==3.4.1'.
Got zope.app.debug 3.4.1.
Getting distribution for 'RestrictedPython==3.5.1'.
Installing RestrictedPython 3.5.1
Caused installation of a distribution:
restrictedpython 3.5.1
with a different project name.
Got restrictedpython 3.5.1.
Getting distribution for 'zope.principalannotation==3.6.0'.
Got zope.principalannotation 3.6.0.
Getting distribution for 'zope.app.interface==3.5.0'.
Got zope.app.interface 3.5.0.
  Installing eggbasket.
Error: There is a version conflict.
We already have: zope.publisher 3.9.3
but zope.app.container 3.8.2 requires 'zope.publisher>=3.12'.

(vgrok) C:\vgrok>


A bit off topic, but we should note that if you are instructing a
Windows user to use the "--no-site-packages" virtualenv option, they
must also copy the win32 libraries and pywin32.pth file from their
system installation of Python to their virtual environment because
Grokproject requires win23api.  (The no-site-packages virtualenv options
causes this to be unavailable as expected.)

It would be nice if this somehow got installed as a dependency by
easy_install while installing Grokproject on Windows, but I am not sure
that is possible and the pywin32 installer only targets the system
Python directory.

I believe that is why the "Install Grok on MS Windows" howto leaves the
no-site-packages option out.  I wish there was a consistent story for
this.  I switch between the two platforms often and there are always

--- On Tue, 2/16/10, Michael Haubenwallner <michael at d2m.at> wrote:

> From: Michael Haubenwallner <michael at d2m.at>
> Subject: Re: Errors with the current dependencies??
> To: "Steve Schmechel" <steveschmechel at yahoo.com>
> Cc: "Martijn Faassen" <faassen at startifact.com>, "Uwe Hentzschel" <uhe at gmh-systems-ost.de>
> Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 1:24 PM
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> Steve Schmechel wrote:
> > I had recently tried the Python 2.6 and Grok 1.1a2
> combination hoping
> > it would work, but I got the same sort of error with
> zope.publisher.
> > I had to revert to Python 2.5 to get it to work. 
> (Debian-based Linux)
> > 
> Grok1.1a2 should run fine with Python2.6.
> Please try again with a virtualenv setup, it is really
> simple to setup.
> First install 'setuptools' or 'distribute', then run from
> the console:
> $ easy_install virtualenv
> $ virtualenv --no-site-packages projectfolder
> $ cd projectfolder
> $ source bin/activate
> $ bin/easy_install grokproject
> $ bin/grokproject --grokversion=1.1a2
> The virtualenv part should be documented in the tutorial
> already.
> http://grok.zope.org/doc/1.1dev/tutorial.html#getting-started-with-grok
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