[Grok-dev] Pending removal of KSS-howtos, will they be missed?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Feb 18 04:16:24 EST 2010

Our method of operandum right now is to perform actions with json- 
views and use grok.View for presentation. That way we can assemble the  
page in one call for setup and use AJAX to update parts of the page  
and to perform actions. It works very smoothly and allows all the  
convenience of formlib. To receive parameters from the json-call we  
use self.request.form.get('xyz', None). It makes it easier to design  
because the pagetemplates can be updated without restarting the server.

Mvh Sebastian

18 feb 2010 kl. 00.08 skrev Martijn Faassen:

> Hi there,
> Jeroen Michiel wrote:
>> What could be in it, I think is:
>> * how to get YUI going (using hurry.yui), as the YUI lib is a very  
>> useful
>> and widely used UI package.
> Yes, I think it'd be useful to have tutorials for at least YUI as well
> as jquery.
>> * setting up a JSON view to get data asynchronously from the server  
>> and
>> update some info on the page
>> * setting up a REST view to update an entire part of the page (e.g. a
>> viewlet) with HTML data. perhaps using a YUI TabView or something  
>> like that.
> Why not simply use a grok.View to provide a part of page? That's  
> what I
> do. There might be some use cases for actually publishing a viewlet  
> on a
> URL though.
> Regards,
> Martijn
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