[Grok-dev] Call for feedbacks : megrok.Resource

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 08:09:58 EST 2010

Thank you Uli, for the feedback
I certainly missed the dependency and i'm going to fix that quickly.
Yes, megrok.resource was meant to be for 1.1 and is currently used in
production for grok 1.1a2 sites.

As for the minified version, the option is not there yet !
Martijn was asking about it too, I shamely didn't include it.
Currently, it explicitly looks for depends and bottom.
I'm going to fix that and release a new version.

As a record, for everyone here, I did code a small extension, if
people are keen to try it :
It allows a merging and slimming of a ResourceLibrary component.

PS : i'll try to release the update in the coming hours

2010/2/18 Uli Fouquet <uli at gnufix.de>:
> Hi there,
> Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
>> I wondered if any of you (except Christian Klinger, because I already
>> know), use the lib megrok.resource, which is a grok layer above
>> hurry.resource ?
>> Feedbacks would be more than welcome on that strategical library. I
>> have already an extension for it, but I need opinions and suggestions,
>> first.
>> If you could take 5 min to write a note, I'll greatly appreciate it.
> After your posting I tried to build the KSS drag-and-drop example on
> http://grok.zope.org/documentation/how-to/using-a-kss-plugin-in-grok-for-drag-and-drop
> using hurry.yui and hurry.zoperesource with Grok 1.0. That worked like a
> charm :-) Instead of adding lots of '++resource++' links in the header
> of the page template, I wrote an update method for the view that
> need()-ed the appropriate YUI-files. Clean, fast, nice :-)
> Afterwards I tried to use megrok.resource which didn't work in the
> beginning. The instance even refused to start-up complaining about a
> missing zope.site module.
> In fact zope.site is explicitly called in megrok.resource.traversal but
> not mentioned in setup.py requirements (it is mentioned, but only for
> tests).
> I then made the zope.site import in traversal module conditional::
>  try:
>      from zope.site.hooks import getSite
>  except ImportError:
>      # BBB stay compatible with Grok 1.0
>      from zope.app.component.hooks import getSite
> and that worked with Grok 1.0 (although I could not find out quickly how
> to enable minified inclusions, except via hurry.resource.mode() ).
> I then tried to run the megrok.resource tests using grok.1.0.cfg. That
> failed for similar reasons (zope.site required packages incompatible
> with this config). After removing zope.site from tests-requirement and
> applying the above fix, the tests ran fine (which is certainly not a
> solution). So, I assume megrok.resource is for Grok > 1.0 only?
> Best regards,
> --
> Uli

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