[Grok-dev] Call for feedbacks : megrok.Resource

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Feb 18 16:13:46 EST 2010

Hi Kathy,

Kathy Manwaring wrote:

> I would like to use hurry.yui in the near future, as I have used some of
> the YUI pieces in the past before I started using Zope or Grok, so would
> you be able to either write/start a tutorial for this, or at least send me
> the example code (possibly off-list)?

Luckily, today Jeroen Michiel volunteered for exactly this topic on
grok-doc :-)


Thanks, Jeroen!

Kathy, if you have special topics/use-cases you'd like to see
demonstrated in his tutorial, it might be best to post it on grok-doc.

Best regards,


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