[Grok-dev] PILwoTK in grok-ecosystem.cfg, but cannot be found

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 05:53:38 EST 2010


I'm doing some release preps. I found that running a buildout for the 
groktoolkit trunk will result in:

  Couldn't find index page for 'PILwoTk' (maybe misspelled?)
  Getting distribution for 'PILwoTk=='.
    Installing test-ecosystem.
    Getting distribution for 'PILwoTk=='.
  Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'PILwoTk=='.

This package is indeed not on the package index. I think it used to be 
downloaded from download.zope.org/distribution - something we'd rather not do 

PILwoTK is a dependency for dolmen.thumbnailer.

Question is, what to do now. My suggestion would be to either let 
dolmen.trumbnailer depend on PIL itself, or comment-out dolmen.thumbnailer from 
the grok-ecosystem for the moment.


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