[Grok-dev] grok-1.1rc1 released!

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Fri Feb 26 02:48:21 EST 2010

Hi JW,

thanks for releasing this version,
and congrats to all who helped to bring it out.


> Hi,
>> From the release notes:
> =======================
> The Grok development team is very happy to release Grok 1.1rc1!
> This is release candidate for the 1.1 release that will be based on the Zope
> ToolKit (ZTK). The ZTK will bring a significant number of newer versions of the
> libraries that Grok is built on.
> Also note:
> ==========
> This release is not yet the default release. In other words, projects created
> with grokproject will still by default use grok-1.0. You can however instruct
> grokproject to use a different version of Grok if you want to try this release
> candidate.
> Why _still_ not a proper 1.1?
> =============================
> There's a set of packages that need windows binaries uploaded to the package
> index. For most of these packages there're indeed both python 2.5 and python 2.6
> binary eggs available, but not for all. As soon as all of these packages have
> binary eggs uploaded, we can release 1.1 "proper".
> Thank you all for the hard work on getting Grok depend as cleanly as possible on
> the ZTK. This work is not yet complete, but we will get there!!
> regards,
> jw

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