[Grok-dev] Folders for nested pages in Grok

Dan Jacka danjacka at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 01:45:05 EST 2010

Hi people,

What are my choices for simple nested pages in a Grok site?

For example, I have a Page model and want my logged-in users to be able
to create/edit/delete Page objects in the UI so that they can easily
create paths like:


... all of which are URLs to Pages.

Coming from Plone, my inclination is to have a Folder model. I'll be
able to set which of its contained Pages appears as the default page. So
in the example above, 'about' is a Folder with a page (called 'index'
maybe?) set as the default.

What's the Grok way? Do I subclass grok.Container and create all the
views and functionality myself, or should I (can I?) start from
zope.app.folder? Can I do the latter without my users having to see the

Or should I be putting my Plone-centric Folder thinking to one side?

Pointers in the right direction much appreciated. I'm using Grok 1.0.


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