[Grok-dev] Simple AJAX question

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Jan 6 07:50:06 EST 2010

Nr 1 can be solved with an AJAX call to a JSON method, more info on  
JSON support in Grok:


Nr 2 would be solved with Javascript without interaction from the  

Your choice of Javascript framework is a matter of personal  
preference. But you could say that if you don't want to learn  
Javascript, check out jQuery, and if you want to create slick  
Javascript classes try Mootools.

Mvh Sebastian

5 jan 2010 kl. 22.24 skrev Hannes:

> Hello Grokkers,
> I'm beginner with Zope and Grok and I've the following problems:
> 1.) I've two schema.Choice fields that somehow depend on each other.  
> The
> list of values that should be displayed in field2 depends on the entry
> selected in field1. As far as I understand AJAX, I've to send a  
> request
> back to the server to load the list for field2, when the user  
> selected a
> item from field1. Is that right? How do I do it?
> 2.) Even simpler: Again, I've a schema.Choice field and a "normal"  
> text
> field. Now I just want to display the selected item from the Choice
> field in the text field. How do I do that?
> I'm thankful for recommendations for existing JavaScript libraries.  
> I've
> almost no experience with that kind of stuff.
> thanks!
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