[Grok-dev] zope.Anybody versus zope.Everybody in grokproject?

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jan 7 07:08:55 EST 2010


Vincent Fretin wrote:
> Well, Souheil told me this, so I wrote that.
> I didn't verify it, I've just tested with a simple view:
> class MyView(grok.View):
>     grok.context(Interface)
>     grok.require("zope.View")
>     def render(self):
>         return "coucou"
> With
> <grant permission="zope.View"
>         principal="zope.Anybody" />
> or
> <grant permission="zope.View"
>         principal="zope.Everybody" />
> I get access to the view as unauthenticated or authenticated member
> (with a PAU).

So it doesn't seem to make a difference in this case? Is this in Grok or 
with Zope 2?

> Is it normal? Souheil?

Peculiar. I remember having a lot of problems because Authenticated 
wasn't given the permission, and I had to added it manually to 
site.zcml. Uli fixed grokproject to do this by default, but I am not 
sure it got done for the other permissions that were documented in the 
dolmen document.



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