[Grok-dev] Using z3c.template in Grok

Jeroen Michiel jmichiel at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 8 05:38:23 EST 2010

Thanks for the reply!

The only reason I'd need z3c.template to work in grok is because I use
However, if there is a dolmen.menu that works with megrok.pagetemplate, I'm
very interested to try that one out!
My general use case is this:
First of all, I see as a 'menu' everything that concerns site navigation,
going from page to page from a central place, except from breadcrumbs.
My app has a few containers containing different objects I would like to be
easily accessible.
What I would like is a top bar menu that is that is visible on all pages
 - a menuitem with a link to the site's home
 - a menuitem for each (or most) container which folds out and shows links
to (the index view of) each item in those containers.
 - a menuitem with a link to the admin page(s), which is only visible if you
log in as admin
Then I would like a context-sensitive menu on the left showing the different
things you can do on the current context (like the megrok.menu package can

I believe this is a fairly typical use case.

dolmen.menu is not yet on the PyPI, so I'd have to get it from Git, right?
Is it already usable, or still under heavy construction?

Thanks again, you took away a great deal of my confusion!

Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> Hello there,
> As i'm the author or megrok.layout and megrok.pagetemplate and a
> maintainer of megrok.menu, i'll respond to your interrogations, as I
> got them myself, before coding it.
> I took the deliberate choice, with Sylvain Viollon, to move away from
> pagelets because I think they are limited and complex, while
> megrok.layout is simplier and as a real "Layout" component to work
> with.
> As we did this, I tried to keep the pluggability idea behind
> z3c.layout and z3c.templates, by introduction megrok.pagetemplates.
> I chose also not to depend on z3c.templates and all this, because they
> are unneeded dependencies and they are too tightly linked to take only
> the interesting bit out of it.
> Stephan Richter and I already had a discussion on the mailing list
> concerning this matter and my point of view didn't change.
> megrok.layout and megrok.pagetemplate are independant bits that can
> work together. They are simple and based directly on grokcore
> components and/or zope packages
> It is my will to keep these sane, small, and independant.
> Extending megrok.pagetemplate with your own package is probably the saner
> move.
> However, we already have a menu initiative in the Dolmen project, and
> we try to build a new package that would resolve grok people's usecase
> about menus.
> If you feel like you can share your usecase, we can maybe work out
> something together. In a wider approach, if you can share your global
> usecase, maybe we can find solutions.
> I started a new package called "dolmen.menu", to experiment things.
> - Souheil
> 2010/1/8 Jeroen Michiel <jmichiel at yahoo.com>:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering if there is a grok-version of z3c.template around
>> somewhere?
>> I rummaged around on PyPI, but I'm a bit confused.
>> Let me first tell you what I'm actually trying to do:
>> I tried to refactor my current site layout from a macro-based thing to
>> pagelet based, and I wanted to use z3c.menu.ready2go instead of
>> megrok.menu,
>> as the latter seems too restricted for my purposes.
>> For the layout part, I found megrok.layout and megrok.pagelet. Both seem
>> to
>> basically do the same. But as megrok.pagelet is only at version 0.1, and
>> megrok.layout at 0.9 (and more recent) I figured megrok.layout is the way
>> to
>> go.
>> Does megrok.pagelet have any advantage/different use case over
>> megrok.layout? If not, shouldn't it be better to mark it deprecated? It
>> states to be 'z3c.template / z3c.layout support for Grok', but that seems
>> incorrect, because I don't find anything like z3c.template in there.
>> For the menu's, I started to use z3c.menu.ready2go, and got it working.
>> However, it uses z3c.template to register it's templates. It works out of
>> the box, but now I want to override the template used for the menu items
>> (item.pt) with my own (because I want to use a YUI menu), and that's
>> where I
>> would need an easy way to register a template in grok, the z3c.template
>> way.
>> I noticed a package called megrok.pagetemplate (based on
>> zope.pagetemplate),
>> that already does the basics, but it only knows an IPageTemplate, while
>> z3c.template has derived IContentTemplate and ILayoutTemplate from that,
>> and
>> z3c.menu.ready2go looks up an IContentTemplate for the item template.
>> So what are my options here? Extend megrok.pagetemplate to support
>> IContentTemplate and ILayoutTemplate (or is there someone who would want
>> to
>> do this for me ;-) )? Do some dirty adapter registrations myself?
>> I'm a bit clueless, here, so any advice is welcome!
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