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Kathy Manwaring kathy at perfectnotes.com.au
Sat Jan 23 20:32:18 EST 2010

23 Jan 2010, Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com> wrote:
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> Hey,
> Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> [snip]
>> During the Cologne sprint, we decided to temporarly part from the
>> introspector, to focus on the simple CRUD application admin.
>> Where do we stand now, about this ?
> I think it's good to continue in this direction.
>> I think i'm part of the advanced users of Grok and I never had a
>> single need of the intropsector.
>> it looks cool and it's pretty, but is it useful ? Do we want it out of
>> the box ?
>> if we do, what should we do about it ? What should I base the
>> forthcoming introspector on ?
> I think we should temporary forget about the introspector in Grok 1.1.
> We can bring it back sometime.
> I expect:
> * a grokui.base package which gives the grokui user interface in some
> pluggable manner.
> * a grokui.admin (perhaps?) that allows the user to install and
> uninstall apps and a few other things. Should have relatively small
> dependencies.
> * in the future: a reborn grokui.introspector. We'll see who wants to
> work on this.
> * also in the future: a grokui.config. This would provide a user
> interface to manage configuration that's persistent (per application).
> This includes things like the catalog, user management, but also
> app-specific settings. I think many applications would be fine if we had
> a default UI for such features.
> UI-wise I'm also slowly exploring another direction entirely as well, a
> javascript-based client that allows CRUD of data (ZODB or relational),
> building on Grok's model-driven nature and restful webservice platform.
> I think that can be a separate development independent from grokui,
> however.
> Does this help with direction?
> Regards,
> Martijn
Well, as a newby, I feel guilty about disagreeing with Martijn, but I HAVE
used the introspector - particularly recently. However, I am not sure that
it is currently (Grok 1.0) working as expected, as it only gives me access
to the object as
Thomas, David  "{'zope.app.dublincore.ZopeDublinCore':
<zope.dublincore.annotatableadapter.ZDCAnnotationData object at
when it is actually a 'Person' object in my schema - but I am not
confident enough with Grok/Zope to say this is an issue with the
introspector, it may be something that I'm not doing quite right. (My view
of the object shows all the Person information, so I expected to see it
via the object browser).

Anyway - at least there is talk of bringing it back in a later version.


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