[Grok-dev] zope.app.appsetup and error reporting utility

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 09:35:01 UTC 2013


tl;dr: we could perhaps get rid of the dependency on zope.app.appsetup, 
or at least its configuration for vanilla grok-based apps by doing the 
registrations in the grok package. And: introducing a much simpler error 
reporting utility. Opinions? Interest?

Grok-based applications depend on zope.app.appsetup. This package 
essentially registers several event handlers, subscribing to the 
application start events and database opened events. It ensures there is 
a root folder when a new database is created, it adds a session data 
container and sets up an error reporting utlity and some more stuff.

It's currently not easily possible to *not* configure zope.app.appsetup 
in a grok-based application - so it is hard to override the components.

Furthermore the error reporting utility that is registered, implemented 
in zope.error, is a it rather "heavy-weight".

My current thinking is:

* Try to remove the zope.app.appsetup dependency, by:

* have grok package do the necessary bootstrap registrations for:

* a root folder

* a session data container

* an error reporting utility, that:

* is *not* a persistent, local utility storing exceptions for TTW 
introspection, but:

* merely logs exceptions, where the log level for various exceptions is 

This error reporting utility could go in grokcore.error.

Is anyone interested in this? Any opinions? Any uses cases that you 
might have that are related to this?

regards, jw

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