[Grok-doc] community docs and doctests

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Jul 1 06:01:17 EDT 2009

thanks! :)

This sounds very interesting!!! My suggestion is that you start  
proptyping this on a small subset of docs (say one or two) and when  
you have something usable we could add doc test coverage of community  
docs as a step besides edit/merge/review.

One important thing to consider; will this make the process of  
maintaining docs too "costly"?
Can we keep it lightweight and optional, yet still useful?

Mvh Sebastian

1 jul 2009 kl. 11.46 skrev Michael Haubenwallner:

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> hi, great that you created this list.
> i want to suggest that all community docs get their respective  
> doctests
> added. wheater the tests are included throughout the docs, then get
> copied into a certain space at svn.zope.org (i'd provide the  
> scripts) or
> maintained in svn directly and tested by scripts is to be decided.
> regards
> michael
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