[Grok-doc] Grok-doc is now the official Grok documentation discussion list

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Feb 11 07:42:52 EST 2010

*** Mission statement by Martijn ***

documentation group

Responsible for the Grok documentation. In part this is in the Plone
site, and in part it's maintained in SVN for the "official  

We talk on grok-doc at zope.org

*** Delegation of responsibilty by Martijn ***

"So, I declare Sebastian Ware as leader of the documentation group. :)"

*** Comments by Sebastian ***

We bascially need help with:

- Contributing
- Reviewing
- Editing


- Official documentation (maintained in SVN)
- Community Tutorials and Howtos

*** How will I organise this? ***

I would like to have a list of editors who have credentials to edit  
either the SVN repos (official docs) or the community docs (Manager at  
the Plone site) or both.

I will post issues on grok-doc and if nobody claims an issue then I  
will assign it round-robin-style to editors on the list. I'll post a  
semiregular update of the list with current assignments.

Anybody who completes an assignment on time (set by the assigned  
editor and subject to one revision) gets a gold star. When you reach a  
certain number of gold stars, something great will happen. I'll get  
back on that.

*** Main issues ***

1 Getting past the stage of discussing "How to do it" and getting
   to the stage of "Actually doing it".

2 Getting people to commit to doing stuff.

3 Getting that stuff completed in a reasonable amount of times.

4 Giving recognition to those who make an effort.

*** If you don't like the way the work is organised ***

You have two choices...

a) send me a personal email with a suggestion
    (I don't want us spending too much time discussing "how to do  

b) organise a friendly mutiny and take over my responsibility
    (No prestige in this on my part!)

Mvh Sebastian

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