[Grok-doc] We only need three more for the grok-docs group...

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Feb 15 07:21:31 EST 2010

Hi Grokstars!

We would really like to have ten people in the documentation  
department! You'll have full control over your personal workload by  
setting your own deadlines. If there is anybody out there who could  
consider joining in on the fun, please do so. Newbie or seasoned grok- 
developer, ten of us is ten times better than seven.

  Three to go..... :)

Post a reply to this email and let med know if you:

a) Have credentials to edit the Official docs in the SVN-repos
b) You are a manager on the Plone site (ie you can edit whatever there)
c) You are registered on Launchpad

                   SVN   grok.zope.org   launchpad
Paul Wilson          Y          Y             Y
Sebastian Ware       N          Y             Y
Martijn Faassen      Y          Y             Y
Steve Schmechel      N          Y             Y
Jan-Wijbrand Kolman  Y          Y             Y
Leonardo Rochael Almeida  Y     N             Y
Kathy Manwaring      N          N             N

Mvh Sebastian

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