[Grok-doc] Doc Grokstars! Request for doc issues, please send them to me...

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Feb 15 11:57:38 EST 2010

...personally so I can organise and format the issues in a practical  
manner. I am going to look through the Launchpad Blueprints tomorrow  
to get an overview of our current state.

Further communication will be held on the Grok-doc mailing list, with  
semi-frequent reporting back to Grok-dev. So please subscribe if you  
haven't all ready.

** Mission Statement **

The two primary objectives are to

    -consolidate community docs, and
    -expand the official docs

Consolidating community docs meaning: merge howtos and complete or  
remove incomplete howtos. Improve or remove tutorials that leave  
readers hanging with an incomplete project/solution.

Expanding the official docs means to start with trying to make the  
tutorial even more useful as a starting point for a newbie.

** Important information about Grokstars **

In order to achieve these objectives I will be awarding Grokstars to  
anybody completing tasks. These Grokstars are super-amazing and will  
bring greate happiness and infinite fortune to those who receive them.  
They are more important than the iPad. Even Steve Jobs wants one, but  
he is currently not enroled as a Doc Grokstar, so he is not even in  
the loop, or he is infintely stuck in one, I don't know yet, but I  
think you get the picture.

Mvh Sebastian

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