[Grok-doc] TASK: Go through the howtos and find a set that could be merged

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Feb 16 03:11:35 EST 2010

Are there howtos that could be merged to become a single more coherent  

THE OBJECTIVE of this task is to identify a set of related howtos that  
would benefit from being combined into a tutorial. Write a short  
introduction to the tutorial and outline so one understands the  
purpose and structure of the tutorial. Add links to the howtos under  
each section an post the resulting document as a reply to this email  
on grok-doc.



Who wants to do this? I also need a self imposed deadline. :)

Completing this task by the self imposed deadline will render one

Mvh Sebastian

* Grokstars are super-amazing and will bring greate happiness and
infinite fortune to those who receive them.

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