[Grok-doc] TASK: Double check with grok-dev and remove KSS-howtos

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Feb 16 03:34:36 EST 2010

KSS had a bit of a buzz two years ago as a declarative way of  
specifying dynamic behaviour on webpages. It seems to have lost  
momentum and there is no point in us maintaining documentation on how  
to use it with Grok.

THE OBJECTIVE is to double check with grok-dev that this is in fact  
deprecated technology and then remove the howtos on KSS-integration.  
Update the Blueprints and reply to this email when done.



Who wants to do this? I also need a self imposed deadline. :)

Completing this task by the self imposed deadline will render one  

Mvh Sebastian

* Grokstars are super-amazing and will bring greate happiness and
infinite fortune to those who receive them.

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