[Grok-doc] Doc Grokstars Report

Marc Rijken mrijken at rijken.org
Wed Feb 17 07:25:02 EST 2010

Ok. I will do the official tutorial stuff. I expect to have a list of 
improvements february 24th.


Sebastian Ware wrote:
> Kathy, Steve, Paul and Marc, I have you pending on four tasks, if no- 
> one objects I would like to assign them as suggested bellow. Please  
> take a look at the TASK description posted earlier and suggest a  
> deadline you beleive you can commit to.
> Current Doc Grokstars are:
>                    SVN   grok.zope.org   launchpad
> Paul Wilson          Y          Y             Y
> Sebastian Ware       N          Y             Y
>    > 2010-03-14 TASK: Double check with grok-dev and remove KSS-howtos
> Martijn Faassen      Y          Y             Y
> Steve Schmechel      N          Y             Y
> Jan-Wijbrand Kolman  Y          Y             Y
> Leonardo Rochael Almeida  Y     N             Y
> Kathy Manwaring      N          N             N
> Marc Rijken          N          Y             Y
> Christian Klinger    Y          Y             Y
> Jasper Spaans        Y          Y             Y
> Aroldo Souza-Leite   ?          ?             Y
> Souheil Chelfouh     Y           Y            Y
> Unassigned tasks:
>  > TASK: Verify that Windows installation howto works (pending Kathy)
>  > TASK: Merge "Automatic form generation" howto with forms tutorial  
> (pending Steve)
>  > TASK: Go through the howtos and find a set that could be merged  
> (pending Paul)
>  > TASK: Review the official tutorial and make a list of improvements  
> (pending Marc)
> If you want to join the gang, just let me know on the grok-doc mailing  
> list.
> Mvh Sebastian

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