[Grok-doc] Doc Grokstars Report

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Feb 19 04:01:28 EST 2010

I'm seeing some real commitment among the Doc Grokstars. I hope  
everybody is as excited as I am. If we complete a task each once a  
month, then, grokwilling, we will have a pretty decent docs section  

Heads up, I'll be snowboarding in St Anton next week, so I won't be  
monitoring the list. Grokstars will be awarded when I come back :)

Kathy, I assigned you the Windows task, I believe you are working in  
that environment. Could you suggest a deadline you believe you can  
commit to.

Current Doc Grokstars are:

                   SVN   grok.zope.org   launchpad
Paul Wilson          Y          Y             Y
   -- 2010-03-10 TASK: Go through the howtos and find a set that could  
be merged
Sebastian Ware       N          Y             Y
   -- 2010-03-14 TASK: Double check with grok-dev and remove KSS-howtos
Martijn Faassen      Y          Y             Y
Steve Schmechel      N          Y             Y
   -- 2010-03-15 TASK: Merge "Automatic form generation" howto with  
forms tutorial
Jan-Wijbrand Kolman  Y          Y             Y
Leonardo Rochael Almeida  Y     N             Y
Kathy Manwaring      N          N             N
   -- TASK: Verify that Windows installation howto works
Marc Rijken          N          Y             Y
   -- 2010-02-24 TASK: Review the official tutorial and make a list of  
Christian Klinger    Y          Y             Y
Jasper Spaans        Y          Y             Y
Aroldo Souza-Leite   ?          ?             Y
   -- 2010-02-25 TASK: Update About Grok to include mention of ZODB.org
Souheil Chelfouh     Y          Y             Y
Jeroen Michiel       N          Y             Y
   -- 2010-03-07 TASK: Writing a YUI tutorial

Guest Doc Grokstars:

Uli Fouquet *
  -- TASK: Review and update using-a-kss-plugin-in-grok-for-drag-and- 

Unassigned tasks:
-- TASK: Update About Grok to include mention of ZODB.org

If you want to join the gang, just let me know on the grok-doc mailing

Mvh Sebastian


2010-02-17 Uli Fouquet (1 grokstar awarded)
-- TASK: Review and update using-kss-actions-on-a-view

* Grokstars are super-amazing and will bring greate happiness and
infinite fortune to those who receive them.

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